Why Choose EPP?

easy_transparaent_background_SMALLFull-Featured Technology at a Price that Works for Just About Any Company

We believe that the harder we work, the luckier we get.  We’ve been very lucky over the past decade — almost all of our party plan clients have come from referrals:  referrals from our clients, other owners who looked at EPP after they made a commitment to another provider, industry consultants, and many of the larger direct selling software suppliers.

Our marketing budget was $0.  We spent $300 dollars one month for some Google AdWords, but the only inquiries we received were “how much is it?”  Not one of those inquires demoed the system.  So we stopped advertising.

Our story may sound crazy, especially in an industry where presenting a grand image is the expectation, but we’ve been able to run a very lean organization.  We don’t have a grand office.  We don’t have a large full-time staff, we don’t spend big bucks on advertising and marketing.  We don’t have the overhead that many other companies have, and that means that we can offer outstanding products and services at ridiculously fair prices.

We have personal relationships with all of our clients.  From our perspective, we’re all in this for the long-haul, and the more we can help your company to grow, the more successful you’ll be, and you’ll remain our client for a very long time.

The original Easy Party Plan was surprisingly robust.  We made many changes along the way, and in 2010 we added full-featured host awards and auto-ship.  We were the only true party plan software under $12,000 for many years (we licensed our first system in 2005).

With EPP 3.0, our entry-level is still under $12,000,

but our features, functionality and support surpass those of systems costing 2-4 times more.

Yes, we have financing for party plan and MLM software systems.Additionally, our monthly licensing/hosting fees are very affordable.  We want you to remain our customer for a very long time. We’d much rather see you spend your limited resources on marketing, recruiting, and training consultants so you can generate sales than spend it on infrastructure.

If we help you to achieve your goals, you’ll remain our “partner” for a long time.

Yes, we even have financing available!

While cost is often a big factor in selecting a technology solution for your company, cost should not be the key factor.  The maxim “you get what you pay for” is true to a degree.  With Easy Party Plan, we’re confident that you’ll find that both our products and services provide value well above and beyond the cost.

Some people think we’re crazy for saying this, but we feel that it’s vital that you know what’s available in the party plan software market.

Additionally, it’s important to know costs:

  • any party plan or network marketing consulting that you may need
  • basic website design and set-up
  • system set-up with your business rules, etc.
  • any modules that are in addition to the standard implementation
  • consulting and/or programming your compensation plan
  • initial and ongoing training
  • ongoing support
  • cost for change orders
  • monthly licensing/hosting fees for the company
  • monthly fees for consultants
  • and, I’ll stop here, but the list could go on and on.

Just as important as functionality and cost, it’s important to know the people behind the curtain.  You’ll have lots of contact with your software company partners, and you’ll want to be sure that you would have a good time on a cross-country road trip with them!

With that said, we insist that you interview and demo at least 3 party plan software companies.

No, I’m not crazy, but I do want to ensure that you are fully aware of your options and that you make the best choice for your unique situation.

Whether you meet with Easy Party Plan first or last, you’ll have a realistic basis for comparison.

While all software companies have their pluses and minuses, we know that the pluses you’ll find with EPP 3.0 make us the single best choice for many companies.  If we’re NOT the best fit for your company, that’s OK — we want you to have a long and successful relationship with the software company that you choose as a partner.

Want an awesome system for your company? Have questions or concerns about making this very important decision?

You'll be pleasantly surprised when you talk with us!