Our Story

When we looked at Party Plan Software for the first time, we were SHOCKED!

We made the common mistake of putting the cart before the horse:

  • We created a perfect business plan
  • We sourced products and determined margin and selling price
  • We started our marketing campaign to recruit initial consultants
  • We paid for a full-meal-deal custom compensation plan

We made a few other mistakes along the way, but the big one was that we didn’t demo and price any of the available software systems for our start-up party plan company.  Our business plan included specific features and functionality, but none of the companies included all of the features that we wanted.  Instead, they proposed expensive system customizations to meet our needs.  None of them offered inexpensive solutions that we could use while we focused on recruiting, training, and retaining consultants while ramping up sales.

Most of the software companies charged about the same, and most had similar features, free party plan software, affordable party plan softwaremore or less.

The LOWEST implementation cost for my company was $25K, plus $1500 per month (with a 2-year contract), plus a per active distributor and/or customer fee each month!

Programming the slick custom compensation plan that we paid $6000 for added ANOTHER $10K!

We wasted a lot of time and money, contracting with 2 different companies to provide our software, and BOTH failed to deliver after 18 months!

The good news is that we created a “bridge” party plan software system that allowed us to enter sales with an e-commerce website.  We also added replicated sites and a consultant back office with the ability to manage parties, orders and enrollments.

Over time, this little “bridge” system, which we had merely intended to get us past start-up to the point where we really needed a full-meal-deal system, proved very functional, easy to use, and it met our needs!

Click here to read a note from Joyce Baker, the creator of Easy Party Plan.


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