Meet Our Team

With Easy Party Plan, you get much more than a great home party plan software system.

You also get a team of seasoned professionals with comprehensive experience in the direct selling industry who understand:

  • the psychology of network marketing
  • the financial and operational aspects of party plan and MLM sales
  • the essentials of a successful company launch
  • the ongoing needs for effective recruiting, training and consultant retention
  • the challenges and opportunities that you face as you move forward with your own company


Joyce Baker, Direct Selling Authority

Dr. Joyce Baker

Joyce Baker, PhD — President and CEO of Firebird Market Consultants, Inc. (the creator of Easy Party Plan)

Joyce, a former university professor, created the original software system for our own party plan company, UCAN2 Cook!  She has both the breadth and depth of real life and professional experiences to enable her to see simple solutions to very complex problems.

Her relevant industry experience includes roles as the Director of Corporate Communications for an MLM company; successful independent distributor with one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in history; co-founder of a party plan company; and, of course, the developer of the original Easy Party Plan software.

Dr. Baker is one of the world’s leading authorities on foreign language learning and ongoing language maintenance training and education.  With this experience, she gives the Easy Party Plan team the ability to stay ahead of the curve in ongoing adult education and training methodologies, an area where we are working on new products and services.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Joyce at the gym, hiking in the beautiful Arizona desert and mountains, exploring new restaurants, or practicing her Japanese (she is fluent in Japanese).


David Doyle, Direct Selling Authority

David Doyle

David Doyle — Managing Director of Firebird Market Consultants, Inc.

Like Joyce, David taught at the university level for many years.  His fascination and experience with the direct selling industry began with an introduction to Amway when he was in college.  He understands the needs for creating and managing systems for corporate and field consultant growth.

His industry-relevant experience includes roles as a Founding Distributor with several start-up network marketing companies; Director of Operations for a vendor-supplier to the network marketing industry (David was responsible for his company’s connection to the industry); successful independent distributor with one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in history; co-founder and president/CEO of a party plan company; the ongoing marketing, sales, training and support functions of Easy Party Plan.

One of David’s key talents is the ability to create synergistic strategic relationships with individuals and organizations.  For example, David sourced over 275 outstanding products from around the world for UCAN2 Cook!  He worked directly with the owners and executives of global companies to secure not only the highest quality products, but to also secure pricing and, in some cases, exclusive relationships, reserved for only the largest buyers of these products.

David also created relationships with individuals who who comprised the UCAN2Cook! corporate team and the Advisory Board.  Read more about that in our free report, “How to Start Your Own Party Plan Company”.

When he’s not working, David’s favorite activities include hiking and 4-wheeling, cycle spin classes, working out at the gym, and spending time with his 5 grandchildren.


Scott Leonard, Direct Selling Authority

Scott Leonard

Scott Leonard — Director of Technology and Direct Selling Strategist

Scott is the creator of DB44, a software application development of Inspetta LLC.  DB44 is an ASP.Net application with MSSql Server, delivering performance enabled software and database solutions to business.  One of the specialties of DB44 is MLM Platforms, where website, content management, site replication, admin management, distributor back offices, custom commission calculations, integrated eCommerce and more, must seamlessly deliver accurate results.

Scott is a long-time direct selling industry consultant, and vendor-supplier of direct selling technology.  He is driven by a passion to see the direct selling industry grow and change for the better, with sustainable companies focused on sales of real products and services to real people.

In spite of being a technology expert, Scott is able to talk with clients in plain English.  He manages a diverse team of talented developers who translate plain English into technology solutions for our clients.  Scott’s industry experience extends far beyond technology, and includes compensation plan consulting, marketing consulting, project management, product acquisition, plus much more.

Scott treasures his time away from work (which is not very much!).  When he’s not working, Scott enjoys family time with his beautiful and talented wife, and their young son.

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