Screen Shots

Sample Screen Shots


The screen shots below barely scratch the surface of what you and your consultants have in your back offices.  Schedule a live demonstration to really get a feel for what Easy Party Plan can do for your and your team.

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Administrative Console


Screen shots - The intuitive administrative console is the central commant center for all functionality.

Login to the admin console and see important metrics at a glance (may be configured to your needs).  You have full control of products, page content, emails, and much more.  Intuitive layout structure means that your administrators will learn the system quickly.



View Genealogy

View genealogy as a tree or as a graph, with full team member information on scroll over.

Both administrators and consultants can view and sort genealogy by nodes.  Scroll over a team member to see full contact and performance information.



Inventory Management

Screen shots - Create unlimited categories, sub-categories with unlimited SKUs and sub-SKUs. Use the bulk edit feature to make quick updates to count, price, cost and CV.

You have unprecedented capabilities to manage and configure your products.  Attribute combinations, kitting, bulk editing, custom discounts, and many other advanced features complement an already robust e-commerce system.



New Enrollments

Screen shots - Many standard reports are included, all with the ability to export for data manipulation.

The system includes many standard reports that allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your business.




Specialized Reports

Screen shots - Most report data is searchable by multiple variables.

Most reports have configurable search criteria so you can focus your attention on only the relevant information that you’re looking for.  Note the searchable fields in the screen shot.




Consultant Office


Screen shots - The consultant dashboard is branded with your company name and color scheme.

The custom-branded consultant dashboard is configurable to show images and information that you want your consultants to see as soon as they log in.  The intuitive menu makes navigation a breeze.



Direct sales software is not one-size-fits-all.  We get lots of requests through our website that are some version of “How much is it?”  We can’t answer that question until we know what they want!  Basic system (up to $1M sales annually)?  No problem.  Mid-tier system ($30M – $50M)?  No problem.  Totally custom, full-meal deal enterprise system?  No problem.  Something else?  No problem.

Even a basic system looks great when there’s a budget for custom design work!

Manage Orders

Screen shots - Actions dealing with orders of all types are managed through a centraized link.


Customers can purchase directly and new consultants can enroll from a consultant’s replicated website, which is a true sub-domain of your corporate site.  The “My Party Page” is an additional marketing page that the consultant can personalize to promote her/his own parties.  Party hosts have a portal through their accounts where they can send and manage invitations.

If you choose, consultants can sell from their personal inventory and have the sale count towards a host’s party rewards; they can accept cash, check or charge cards, and even split payments; they can also keep the retail profit from all party sales.



Manage Parties

Screen shots - Intuitive party management functionality helps your consultants to quickly master the system.

Consultants can search, sort and manage parties and party orders from the Parties Management page.  The integrated host awards module calculates the qualifying party sales volume and determines the host rewards based upon your host rewards model.



Party Orders Report

Screen shots - Consultants can drill down on ach order to see all of the details and order status.

Consultants can view all of the details of both party and non-party orders.  An integrated e-mail system keeps both consultants and customers informed of the order and payment status.




Rank-Status Report

Screen shots - The Rank-Status report is an invaluable tool that can boost sales by 20% or more.

The Rank-Status report is available in the consultant back office, as well as the administrative console.  With this report, sponsors and administrators can see exactly what a team member needs in order to qualify for the next-highest rank.  A quick phone call or email to a team member can encourage them to make that extra sale or enroll that extra consultant before month end to qualify for the next rank.

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