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Sample EPP 3.0 Rank Status Report

EPP 3.0 Sample Report: Rank-Status Report — You and your consultants (AND their sponsors) know exactly what they need to do to achieve the next step up (programmed with your variables and values).

Heraclitus - Change is Constant“The Only Thing That Is Constant  Is Change -”

— Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher, 535 BC – 475 BC

Easy Party Plan

Features and Functionality


Easy Party Plan is built using ASP.NET with hosted SQL databases.  This means that you’ll have a modern, sleek, responsive system with unlimited expansion capabilities, and ease of data manipulation for reports — without the need for an IT staff or equipment.

Additionally, you have full access and control of your content — not just your shopping cart, but the content on your pages, too.  And no, you don’t need to know HTML or any coding to work with Easy Party Plan (If you did, it wouldn’t be so easy!).

We do not ask you for a long-term commitment — our licensing/hosting agreement is month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time, for any reason with just a 30-day notice. If we don’t earn your business each month, we don’t deserve to take your money, and we promise that we won’t hold your data hostage if you leave.

All of the EPP 3.0 systems share the same core code.  What this means for our customers is that they can start out with an EPP 3.0 system that’s just right for them, and upgrade as they need to add more features and functionality.

Remember, party plan software can be used wherever direct selling software is required — including traditional MLM.  Traditional network marketing software doesn’t work with home party sales.  Party plan add-on modules built after-the-fact typically have huge gaps in functionality and features.

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