Easy Party Plan 3.0

Want to see a list comparing our newest product, Spirit of America, an affordable, nicely featured starter system with our massive enterprise system?


Easy Party Plan 3.0 is a Game Changer!

Easy Party Plan 3.0 is a GAME CHANGER

The original Easy Party Plan served us and our clients well.  Easy Party Plan 2.0 added automatic host rewards, auto-ship, and enhanced party management features.


We’ve really hit a home run with our new EPP 3.0.  EPP 3.0 is an SaaS built in ASP.NET using future-oriented technology to allow for ongoing growth and flexibility. EPP 3.0 is now easier than ever to use, and the features and functionality lists are quite impressive.

What this means for you is that you can start with any of our configurations and add more as you need (and can afford) more.  You can rest assured that your system is capable of taking you and your company far into the future, and you don’t have to pay for that assurance up front.


One of our key business principles has always been to provide a great product to an under-served market to allow the start-up and emerging companies to enter the party plan market space with the professional tools that they need to succeed — while offering our products at a very fair price.

We incorporate this principle of value in EPP 3.0, and we remain committed to your success.

Of course, our EPP 3.0 system can now handle the big players, too.  Our core commission engine has served companies with over 500,000 consultants/distributors.  We can now serve a much broader market and still provide a killer system for early stage companies with limited budgets!

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