Network Marketing Consulting: Party Plan and MLM

Our mission is to guide entrepreneurs through the complex process of launching and sustaining a successful home party plan or traditional network marketing company.

Our people and our systems provide unmatched value for companies that truly want to share their products and services with the world through a network of successful independent business owners.Network Marketing Consulting -- Avoid Getting Stuck in the Weeds!

We talk to a lot of people who have many years of direct selling experience as distributors or consultants, and now want to start their own direct selling company. We also talk with a lot of people who have no direct selling experience, but have products that are well-suited for the direct selling channel.

Most of these well-intentioned people have made significant, costly mistakes before contacting us.

You’re taking a huge risk. You have more than money at stake.  Lots of people are counting on you, and your reputation and ego are on the line.

Wouldn’t you want to minimize the risk by having an experienced team who can safely guide you through this process? 

Easy Party Plan is the ONLY party plan software created by a party plan company.

We have been there and done that.  We have also worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs like you who need more than software.

We offer network marketing consulting for both home party plan and MLM companies. Our team has experience in just about every aspect of the direct selling industry, and if we can’t help you, we’ll certainly point you in the right direction.

  • Need a pre-launch strategy?  Yes, we can help.
  • Need a compensation plan, or a review of a proposed compensation plan?  Yes, we can help.
  • Need a comprehensive review of your entire strategy?  Yes, we can help.
  • Need a business plan so you can raise investor capital?  Yes, we can help.
  • Need help sourcing products?  Yes, we can help.
  • Need a strategy for recruiting, training and retaining consultants?  Yes, we can help.
  • Want to know how to price your products so the price isn’t a barrier to purchase, AND still leaves you enough money for commissions, company overhead, and profit?  Yes, we can help.

How about a no-risk consulting package that includes at least the following:

Home Party Plan and Network Marketing Consulting

  • A compensation plan or review of your proposed plan
  • A host awards plan or review of your proposed plan
  • Policies & Procedures, Terms and Conditions, Consultant Agreement and other required documents, customized for your company
  • A comprehensive strategy for launch and growth (or review of your existing strategy)

You could pay $10,000 to $18,000 for a compensation plan alone —

…. our no-risk network marketing consulting package is $5000.

If you choose Easy Party Plan as your technology partner, we’ll apply $2500 to the implementation cost.

If you choose another technology partner, you’ll have a comp plan, a host awards plan, legal documents and a comprehensive strategy for launch and growth.

Contact us today and schedule your free 30-minute initial consultation.  You have nothing to risk and everything to gain by talking with us before you make costly mistakes.


Want an awesome system for your company? Have questions or concerns about making this very important decision?

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