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The ONLY Party Plan Software created by a Party Plan Company!Avoid Getting Stuck in the Weeds!

You need a technology system that meets your needs now, and has the capabilities to grow with you — all at a price that you can handle.

Make the wrong choice and you’re stuck in the weeds with a system that doesn’t meet your needs, or costs you far more than you can afford.  Or both.  Either way, you’re done.

Make the wrong choice

and you’re out of business.


We’ve been providing affordable party plan software to companies like yours since 2005, but our direct selling industry roots are much deeper.



We know what keeps you awake at night….

and we can help you

resolve the pain and the worry 

that constantly churns in your brain….

Easy Party Plan is the only party plan software created by a party plan company!

In 2002, we began putting the pieces together to start our own party plan company.  After meeting with 10 direct sales software providers, we “accidentally” created our own party plan software!

Not one of the companies we demoed had the features and functionality that we needed at a price we could afford.

Read A Note From Joyce and you’ll see how we created our own solution to the biggest hurdle we faced as a start-up.

Part of our journey in creating, launching and operating our party plan company, UCAN2 Cook!, centered around party plan software.  We can tell you horror stories, not just about our experiences, but about the experiences of the many clients who found Easy Party Plan AFTER they had spent a lot of time and money.

Check out the info on this site, and let us know how we can help BEFORE you spend a lot of time and money!

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