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David doing a UCAN2 Cook! Workshop (when he still had hair!)

Several years ago, my husband, David Doyle, and I started our own Party Plan Company. Like lots of start-ups, we felt overwhelmed when making the decisions about which software to use to run our business. We made mistakes, chose the wrong software partners for us, and wasted both time and money – a lot of time and money.

In the meantime, I created this party plan software to run our business.

Like all good networking businesses, our friends and advisors began introducing our system to others they knew who needed a way do the basics, be affordable, and help them to grow without zapping them out of their financial resources.

Since 2005, after some of prompting from my advisors and friends, I have made Easy Party Plan more readily available to other companies like mine.  For many years, we were the only party plan solution on the market that was priced to allow start-ups and young companies get a foothold in this sales channel.  While affordable, Easy Party Plan way over-delivered on functionality and customer service; we are committed to continue this tradition.

With the new release of Easy Party Plan 3.0, we’re now ready to take your company from start-up to the big leagues!

Perhaps, you can relate to my story. Let’s talk!

Joyce Baker

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