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We’ve always welcomed
startup party plan and direct sales companies.

That's David doing a UCAN2 Cook! workshop in about 2004.
That’s David doing a UCAN2 Cook! workshop in about 2004. We built our own party plan software, and licensed our first system to another startup party plan company in 2005.

Direct sales software is a necessity for direct sales companies, especially party plan companies.

If you know Easy Party Plan Software, then you know that we started out as a party plan company. We couldn’t afford the $25K to $35K starting points for entry-level party plan software, so we built our own. We licensed our affordable software solution to other startup party plan companies beginning in 2005!

DO NOT attempt to build your own – you can’t account for all the variables, you can’t afford the custom development and you can’t keep up with the technology.

Do you subscribe to Moore’s Law? “Technology doubles every 18 months.” Stated more accurately, the number of transistors that fit on a chip doubles every 18 – 24 months. Whether or not Moore’s Law is true, you must admit that today’s technology has come A LONG WAY since 2005.

We introduced Easy Party Plan 3.0 in 2015.

The 3.0 version was extremely robust, with features and functions that we didn’t even dream of in 2005.

Since that introduction, we’ve modified, enhanced, tweaked, and added new functionality. Our affordable software solution EPP 3.9, is the best-of-the-best of party plan and direct sales software.

Our customers are the source of innovation. We made most of our changes at their request. We know what a modern company needs, and are able to stay a couple of steps ahead of other direct sales software companies.

While technology has changed, the cost to acquire direct sales software has pretty much remained constant over the years. Our enterprise-class system is $25.5K or more for MLM and $35.5K or more for party plan. The monthly licensing, hosting and maintenance fee ranges from $1000 to $2500.

This pricing puts us in line with our top-tier competitors and out of reach for startup and young companies.

We know that this pricing is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY EXPENSIVE for a startup with a limited budget!!

We’ve always offered, however, a startup version of our enterprise system at a fair price for companies with promise and a limited budget. Now, we can formally announce that we have a new offering to help American entrepreneurs launch and operate a successful direct sales company.

Our new Spirit of America system is built on the same platform as our most expensive enterprise system.

Every startup and emerging company needs a reliable system that they can afford, that’s easy to use, and that can grow with them as they grow. You may have seen some stripped-down systems in your search for a technology partner. The Spirit of America is by no means a stripped-down version.

We’ve included far more than “just the basics” in our new Spirit of America system! The Spirit of America is by no means a stripped down version.

If you’re among the direct sales company owners who need a system and can’t afford $25K – $35K, we may have exactly what you need to get started.

Even if your company doesn’t qualify for the Spirit of America system, we work with companies of all sizes and stages. From startup through enterprise, we are skilled at finding a way to help almost every client profile.

Our new Spirit of America system is specifically designed for true startup companies and emerging companies with current sales and and fewer than 50 active distributors.

If you have a minimum budget of $2500 to start and $2500 in 30 days, you can have the best direct sales software on the market.

Click here to see the Features & Functionality list. It’s a LONG list and the page load may take a moment or two.

Call 5O3.7O9.665O or send an email to to learn more.


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