Pet Peeves: This Response Drives Me Nuts!

Pet Peeves: Grammar - Easy Party PlanWe all have pet peeves — seemingly little habits of others that drive us crazy and are worse than fingernails scraping a blackboard!

Do any of these irritate you?

  • When someone doesn’t replace the toilet paper roll
  • When a grocery checker blows her nose and continues touching your products
  • When someone overuses hyperbole (e.g., something is either “fantastic” or “disastrous”; “brilliant” or “idiotic”; “awesome” or “total failure”)
  • When the driver in front of you is a “two-footed driver”, with brake lights coming on even when the car is accelerating
  • When the person in front of you in the “15 items or less” line has 22 items

One of my most annoying pet peeves is when I say “Thank you”, and the response is “No problem!”

  • When a server in a restaurant places my order on the table, and I say “Thank you”
  • When I call customer service for help with a product that I’ve purchased, and I say “Thank you”
  • When I say “Thank you” to the ticket taker at a movie
  • When the barista pushes my coffee across the counter and I say “Thank you”
  • When someone holds the door open for me and I say “Thank you”
  • When I call to schedule a medical appointment, and I say “Thank you”

If someone is getting paid to do a job, when someone says “Thank you”, the correct response is ALWAYS “You’re welcome” — maybe even “You’re welcome.  I’m glad I could help.”

Damn well better not be a problem to take my money and give me change back when I pay for my cup of coffee!Pet Peeves - Easy Party Plan

“You’re welcome” is generally a much better response to “Thank you” in every situation.

I know that I’m not the only person who finds the “No problem” response irritating.  Perhaps you’re like me.  If “No problem” doesn’t bug you, you can bet that this response really irritates some of your customers.

One of our jobs as business owners is to make our employees, distributors and customers feel valued.  The “No problem” response to “Thank you” is all about you.  The “You’re welcome” response is all about the person who thanked you.

Telling someone that you welcome the opportunity to help them is very different from telling someone that you went out of your way to help them, “but hey, it’s no problem”.Pet Peeves: Captcha - Easy Party Plan

If you’ve read this far, you probably either already agreed with me before you started reading, or when you hear “No problem”, you’ll feel different about the response than you did before reading my rant!

Create the business culture that reflects an appreciation for the opportunity to serve your customers, your consultants, and your employees.  Hold your employees and consultants to a standard of expressing that they value your customers instead of telling them that they went out of their way to help, but hey, it’s no problem.

You’re welcome.

PS – What common customer service issues drive you nuts?  What do you do to ensure that your business culture projects an image that you are proud of?  How do you deal with people who have habits that really irritate you?  Let me know!

Thank you.

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