Teach Recruiting the Same as Sales

easypartyplan.com -- The Only Party Plan Software Created By a Party Plan Company!Which Onboarding Skill is More Important:  Recruiting or Sales?

Most leaders and/or company owners and field trainers focus on teaching sales or finding business, then down the road teach the distributor about recruiting.

A caring and sharing team is taught recruiting from day one.

Separating the education of sharing your business opportunity for a time down the road implies that it is not necessary to share your business opportunity now.

As a company leader, the focus for new consultant orientation must be on lead generation.

A distributor who can generate leads for sales in general or party presentations can also develop leads for new recruits.

Teach lead generation and relate it to finding business, sales and also sharing your business opportunity.

A lead is basically an opportunity to serve someone in the future. It may or may not develop into a sale, a booking or a recruit, but when we exclude recruiting from the conversation in the beginning of a new rep’s education we make them think it is harder, or that it’s not as important as sales.

Everything you say to a team member should be applied to sales, recruiting and bookings.  Lead generation is the key to sales. Teach both recruiting and sales from Day 1.

If you can develop a lead and create interest in a product, you can use the same techniques to create interest in the business opportunity.

For example, you may say to your new sales consultant:

We are attending a business expo next month for lead generation. I would love if you would come. It is a great place to meet new customers, find bookings and recruits. You can work with me and listen and learn exactly how we sort out people to serve their needs.

As you can see, a simple sentence that includes rather than excludes the recruiting aspect of business establishes the sense that all consultants DO recruit.


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