What Happens When Your Consultants or Distributors Don’t Recruit?

Recruiting is part of the job. Teach to recruit from day 1.If you want to be successful, do what successful people do.

I heard this wonderful golden nugget many years ago — no idea where it originated, but I have personally taken action on this, and I have trained others on this for years.

If you’ve ever been a party plan consultant or network marketing distributor, you’ve seen plenty of people who joined the company because they love the products, and they want to share them with the world.

However, they come up with a million excuses to NOT recruit.  They refuse to talk to anyone about the business opportunity side.

They become product evangelists, and they focus all of their energy chasing unicorns, thinking that if they could “only get into the (fill in the blank) market, I’d sell a whole bunch of product!”  They may spend a lot of money buying inventory, attending events, passing out flyers, etc., but they ultimately fail.

Often, these people are NOT coachable, and if they don’t “get it”, don’t waste a lot of energy trying to get them to recruit.  Let them do their thing, and invite them to all of the calls, events, etc.

When they fail, they blame the company, the products, and their sponsor.  I have never seen an evangelist take responsibility for their own failure, even in the face of mountains of evidence that their plan won’t work — except maybe once.

I was once a product evangelist.  I ignored the evidence and I failed miserably.  Once I became coachable, however, my fortunes changed.  You can read more about my experience as a product evangelist here:  Paralysis By Analysis

The next post from industry expert Deb Bixler, offers some great advice on how to get a new recruit off to a successful journey from day one.

I’ll add Deb’s post early next week.  Read it and take action ASAP!


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  1. Reply Rusty

    What Happens When Your Consultants or Distributors Don’t Recruit?
    I don’t know – the article has nothing to do with the title.

    • Reply easypartyplan

      Rusty – Yeah, I agree. The title of the article is distracting. My points were: a) they fall in love with the products and focus entirely on the retail part of the compensation plan, and b) they quit, either before or after becoming product evangelists.

      Whoever presents the biz opportunity should cover the expectations that both selling and recruiting are required in order to succeed. I was setting the stage for the next post from Deb Bixler. Did you read her post?

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