Direct Sales is Simple — But It’s NOT Easy

Direct sales is a simple business, but it is not always easy.Yes, direct sales is simple, but success is not easy.

We often hear the question, ”How do I find distributors who actually stick around long enough to make money, let alone move up the ladder?!”

One reason that team retention may be low is the tendency to minimize the effort involved in starting a business.


Yes anyone can — or should be able to — be a success in direct sales, but it does take an effort.

With a focus on answering questions when interviewing your potential consultants that does not minimize the effort involved you will bring in more people expecting to work their business rather than have it fall in their laps.

During the interview process BEFORE they sign up, you can even imply that recruiting is part of the job, therefore setting an expectation.

Sometimes during an interview someone will say:

"It looks easy because I've done it thousands of times!"“Do I have to recruit?”

Don’t minimize it by saying something like ‘don’t worry about that till later,” instead make a statement that sets the bar for recruiting:

“That is a great question that I get a lot. This is such an exciting opportunity that it changes lives every day! I am really expecting that it will solve problems for you and would hope that you would want to share it with your friends.

Recruiting is required – right from the beginning, yet taking a leadership level is a choice that you can make later… I will take care of your team until you are ready.”


You can also say things during the interview that imply that it is normal to share the opportunity therefore setting an expectation.

An example:

“I signed a young lady last week who is so passionate!  She already shared our fun business with 2 of her friends.”

Your pre-signing conversations actually set the culture for your team recruiting down the road!

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