The 3 Biggest Self-Sabotaging Thoughts, and How to Overcome Them

Overcome powerlessness and conquer fear!

“Self Sabotaging is Like a Disease.  Until You Invest in Your Mind with Positive Reinforcement, You Will be Powerless Against Yourself”

– Eric Tippetts

The 3 Biggest Self Sabotaging Thoughts…and How to Overcome Them!

Every single one of us is capable of greatness. If we would get out of our own way and believe in ourselves, we are truly wonders to behold.

Why do we seem to self sabotage our own success by taking actions that deliberately conflict with what we know we truly want? The answer isn’t simple, but rest assured that fear can be managed, and better self-worth can be created through a few simple changes in our thought patterns. Listed below are a few common, self sabotaging thoughts, and how to transform them into more helpful, positive affirmations.

When you overcome the fear, you're unstopable!

  1. “I’m not good enough, why bother trying.”– Of course you’re not good enough—yet. True greatness takes a lot of practice. It’s painful and discouraging to see how much improvement we need in order to reach the level of brilliance we see in others we admire.“People are Rewarded in Public, For What They’ve Practiced For Years in Private.” – Tony Robbins

So this statement becomes: “I must try, so I can become better.”

  1. “It’s too late for me to follow my dream”- It’s easy to think our “window” of opportunity has passed, and could be gone forever. After years of thinking success should come easy or that I will someday just be “discovered,” I finally have the wisdom I need, and a clear, realistic path to reaching my dream. It doesn’t matter if you are 32 or 76, it’s never too late to start something. The time we spend dwelling on wasted time could be spent moving towards our goals.  The key is, just get started.

So this statement becomes: “It’s time to move forward now.”


  1. “I don’t deserve happiness and success”- Here’s a funny little fact about true happiness: Most people are actually afraid of it. Maybe it’s because we are scared that too much success or happiness means some doom and gloom is inevitable. We think that at some point, we’re bound to lose everything. Maybe suffering is a safer place for some people, because it means they can’t be let down if they are already down. When we are up—happy and successful, down seems much scarier and more hurtful.

The thing is, you are going to have ups and downs. But as you work harder you will have more frequent and bigger ups, and you will learn how to handle your downs better. It helps to remember that many successful people before you have come back from some pretty massive downs.

So this statement becomes: “I AM worthy of happiness and success.”

Everyone must start from the bottom, and the top can seem impossibly far when you let fear and self-doubt drive your thoughts and actions. When you learn to recognize self self sabotaging thoughts for the unproductive lies they really are, your self-worth can have room to grow and flourish. There will always be a small voice inside you that whispers,

“You aren’t good enough.”

Know that you have the inner strength to ignore that self-sabotaging voice, and move forward.

 Fear is the Biggest Dream Stealer.  Don’t Let it Steal Your Dreams!


Eric Tippetts is an author, professional speaker, direct selling consultant, father and husband.  He’s also the creator of Rocket Recruiting, an incredibly simple app that has helped hundreds of thousands of network marketers overcome fear and create the lifestyles of their dreams.

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