“Now I get it! Do you do bar mitzvahs?”

“Easy Party Plan is the only party plan software created by a party plan company!”


We’ve been using this slogan for a few years, but to industry outsiders, the slogan is confusing. Even if someone is or has been a consultant/distributor with a party plan company, they’re often misdirected by the term “party plan”.

When people who aren’t in the direct selling industry ask me what I do for a living, the conversation may go something like this:

ME: “I own a technology company that provides a complete software solution for a very specific niche in direct sales.”

No, we don't do bar mitzvahs, weddings, divorce parties, etc., but we do party!THEM: “Oh, what does that mean?”

ME: “We sell an affordable, sophisticated software system to companies using a ‘home party’ or ‘party plan’ sales model.”

THEM: “Oh, do you do weddings?”

ME: “No, we’re not a party planning company. Do you know how companies like The Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Origami Owl, Stella & Dot, and a host of others use group selling as part of their overall sales strategy?”

THEM: “Oh sure, like Tupperware?”

ME: “YES! Those kinds of companies have unique technology needs that are met only by party plan software.”

THEM: “My neighbor works for Origami Owl. Would you like an introduction?”

ME: “Arrgh (to myself). No, our clients are the owners of the company – we work mostly with start-ups or emerging companies that have between 50 and 50,000 distributors like your friend.”

THEM: “I think I get it. What, exactly, are the distributors buying?”

ME: “We don’t sell anything to the distributors. Does your friend with Origami Owl have an e-commerce website provided by her company?”

THEM: “I think so.”

ME: “Easy Party Plan is a software system that companies like Origami Owl use to manage all of their sales, orders, customers, distributors like your friend, and the commissions and bonuses they earn”

THEM: “I get it now. You do websites. Do you do websites just for party planners, or do you do websites for other types of customers?”

ME: “Arrgh (did I just say that out loud?). No, we don’t do websites.”

THEM:  “Aren’t those kinds of businesses illegal pyramid schemes?”

ME (well, not quite me):

Do you ever feel like this?All joking aside, the party plan segment of the direct selling industry is a dynamic place to be right now.  You’re probably familiar with Moore’s Law:  computer processing power doubles every 18 months.

Moore’s Law may be a stretch, but we all know that technology is changing faster than ever!  My iPhone has 1000’s of times more power than my first computer (in 1989, a 386SX with a 20 MB hard drive and 1 MB of RAM).

Today’s technology gives us the abilities to do things that we never dreamed of in the “good ole’ days”.  With the tremendous power literally in the palms of our hands, we can now do business in a seemingly endless number of ways.

For those of us in the direct selling industry, keeping up with the pace of change is challenging.  When Microsoft does a Windows update or Google changes an algorithm, things don’t always work as they did the previous day.

Easy Party Plan software is already very powerful and easy to use, and we’re adding features and enhanced usability nearly every day. If you’re in the market for direct sales software, whether for an MLM company or a party plan company, you owe it to yourself and your company to check out Easy Party Plan.

Technology also has an ugly side.  Every day we see and hear stories about hustlers using today’s technology to take advantage of the unsuspecting (and those suspecting, but blinded by the idea of big, fast, easy $$).

With recent headlines about illegal pyramid schemes masquerading as direct selling companies, we must work together to keep our industry strong and free from masqueraders.

I thought you would find the downloadable article below from the Direct Selling Association interesting, and perhaps even helpful, giving you the language to share with industry outsiders who may see ALL direct selling companies as illegal pyramid schemes.

Let me know your thoughts!


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