I Thought I Was Going to Die! Take the Risk and Do What You Can to Be Safe

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

T.S. Eliot

Have you ever found yourself in a position where going back the way you came was not a possibility, and moving forward, or even any other direction, seemed impossible?

I found myself is such a position last year. I am an experienced hiker, yet my hiking companion and I found ourselves off-trail and on the edge of a canyon precipice that went straight up about 500 feet, and straight down about 30 feet, with a steep and rugged descent of about 200 feet to where we should have been.

We could not go back the way we came.

The only option, aside from staying put and hoping that search and rescue would find us in a few days, was to go straight down.

I told my friend, “I can’t do that,” and I was very scared. He assured me that he THOUGHT we could make it down safely.  I felt my heart racing and my hands sweating as I watched him make the first move down the canyon wall.

The first 30 feet was the hardest part, where even the slightest mistake would have had a tremendous penalty, perhaps even death.

My friend slowly made his way to a narrow ledge and I mentally and physically prepared myself for one of the scariest things that I have ever done in my life.

I did everything that I could do at the time to minimize my risk:

— I cleared my mind of any possibility of failure, and I visualized making my way down safely

— I drank about 2 cups of water, as I know that dehydration can impact muscles and the brain

— I cleaned my glasses, as the sweat and the dust from the hike had obscured my vision

— I took everything out of my cargo shorts pockets (iPhone, camera, knife, etc.) and packed them as well as I could in my day pack

— I tossed my pack down to my friend

To make this long story short, we made it safely to our destination, which was a beautifully intact ancient cliff dwelling that was made by the first inhabitants of the state of Arizona.

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Devil’s Chasm Ruins, Sierra Ancha Wilderness Area, Arizona

The reward was absolutely worth the risk and the struggle!

Not only did we get to see something that relatively few people will ever get to see, but we both found out that we could go much further than either of us thought we could.

For two very experienced hikers, we agreed this adventure was the most challenging and the most rewarding hike either of us had ever experienced.

Life is all about risk, and typically, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. Life isn’t measured by the number of times that we fail, it’s measured by the number of times that we keep going, even when faced with devastating consequences for putting more energy into moving forward.

In business, we face risk and failure.  We learn from our mistakes and take appropriate actions to minimize our risks.

This short video reminds us that those who ultimately achieve greatness experience failure, and that we’re in good company if we have the drive to keep moving forward (click here).

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