DO NOT CATCH THIS DISEASE: Paralysis by Analysis

Paralysis by Analysis is Almost Always Fatal

“The maxim ‘Nothing avails but perfection’ may be spelt shorter: ‘Paralysis.'”

— Sir Winston Churchill

Paralysis by AnalysisIn the mid 1990s, before we launched our own party plan company, Joyce and I were distributors with one of the fastest growing MLMs in history, Destiny Telecom. When we first joined, we saw and met so many other people with far less education and business experience who were making insane amounts of money. Naturally, we thought that we, too, would quickly achieve or exceed the levels of financial success that we saw in others.

So we researched…. and we studied…. and we put together the most beautiful marketing materials and presentations that you could imagine to replace the company’s severely inadequate marketing materials…. We could answer every question about the telecom and network marketing industries, the products and the company….

Meanwhile, we watched others all around us making more money than they knew what to do with.

We rationalized that we weren’t making the big bucks because we still didn’t have all the answers or all of the professional materials that we needed. And we kept researching and created even better presentation materials. At the end of our 2-hour presentations, after we had answered even the most obscure questions imaginable, our prospects typically responded with, “Wow, that was great, and I can see the tremendous potential you have with this company. But I can’t see myself doing what you’re doing — the information, the presentations, the time you put in to learning all of this is too much for me. Best of luck to you!”

Finally, I reached out to my upline for advice. My sponsor’s sponsor, Cheryl, wasn’t a big money earner, as she was making “only” $20K per month, but she had good advice, and as soon as we followed her advice, we, too, finally began making serious money.

What was the good advice?

To borrow from Nike, the advice that changed our lives was: “Just do it.” Don’t worry about all of the details and the lack of company-provided materials, as the whole point is to follow a system that is easily duplicated.

Within a few short months, using just the company-provided materials and following the guidance of our upline, we built a downline of over 3500 distributors and we joined the ranks of the successful distributors that we had once envied.

Joyce and I became company legends as “the college professors who analisized until they paralisized,” and our story was famous as an example of what NOT to do!

The point of this story is simple:

Distributors come up with all kinds of “reasons” that they can’t be successful, and you’ll hear their excuses about why they can’t sell, recruit, book parties, or even talk to people about your products and your company.

One of the most frequent excuses that you’ll hear is that your company doesn’t have the (fill in the blank) that their previous company had, and because you don’t have this whatever “it” is, they can’t possibly be successful. When I hear from company owners who are dealing with consultants who have all kinds of excuses about why they can’t do the business, I wonder why the consultant left their previous opportunity in the first place!

Paralysis by analysis isn’t just the domain of consultants/ distributors.

Company owners often fail to move forward because things aren’t yet perfect.  Here’s a lesson:  Things are not now, nor will they ever be “perfect”.  Get over it.

I really like the way that Paul Morin, founder of “Company Founder”, positions paralysis by analysis in his 2012 blog post: Avoid Analysis Paralysis, by Paul Morin.  He has some suggestions to avoid this “disease” that kills businesses before they even start.

Take a look at Paul’s suggestions, and then let me know what you to to “stay healthy” and move forward!


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